Welcome to Loscombe Farm Camp Site in Dorset

Loscombe Farm is found in an area of Dorset downland close to the sea and Hardy’s monument. It is beset by round and long barrows; the highest density in the country. Stone Age flint arrows and scraping tools have been found here that are mainly 4000 years old. Whilst working on the farm one day Nick found a particularly heavy hand tool which we later found out is about 60 000 years old. A similar is on view at the British museum. The ‘Time Team’ have filmed here, studying the lives of ancient tribes. People have lived here, in this striking landscape, for many many years!

Walking and Cycling Holidays

camp in DorsetThis working farm will appeal to walkers, riders and cyclists who enjoy the pleasure of simplicity. You can camp with us in as secluded a spot as we can find for you. If the top of the hill appeals then we’ll pitch you there, being near the edge of the woods is equally easy, if you want the shelter of the valley there’s space there too. Our aim is that you will be in solitude bar the sheep who live here, horses at livery and the odd farm vehicle going about its work!
Out and about…

Perhaps you are on a weekend break and want to simply rest in the natural beauty of this wonderfully historic site or perhaps you are on a longer journey and want a peaceful stopping place whilst on your route. We welcome you and your story.

We have stabling for up to two horses and can even provide extra tents and possibly a scrubbed out pig arc dormitory if you fancy a hard roof for the time you’re with us.

Bed and Breakfast in a Double Decker Bus

Bed and breakfast is sometimes available depending on how busy the farm is.

We have a double decker bus that you can rent, it sleeps 5 people comfortably and has a wood fired range. This is our lambing hut and we live in it too so check whether it’s free and book in advance so we can get it ready for you.

There is space for you to park up a vehicle and leave it with us for a while if you wanted to come back over a longer period of time and have the convenience and familiarity of your own wagon. There are no electrical hook ups, no shower blocks nor sanitary disposal units. The loos are compost loos and we can sell you wood if you wish to cook over a fire. This is pure and simple camping as you remember it from childhood stories and holidays.

This is rather a unique and unusual set up and we hope will become a favourite place for you to return to. We are certainly always in awe of the ever changing patterns of sameness and change as the seasons and years roll out. This is in spite of the fact that Nick has spent all of his life here and his father, Roger, most of his too. The skies here are superb at night but we also love looking to the west at sunset. Seagulls and ravens, skylarks and buzzards grace the day lit sky and we have barn owls breeding in our used and rather broken down barns.

Come and stay and enjoy this wonderful area.